MOFA Attestation in Dubai

MOFA Attestation Dubai

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation serves as the connecting link between the wise leadership and people of the UAE on one side and the whole World on the other side. The Ministry undertakes several responsibilities from supervision of all Embassies representing UAE to entering bilateral agreements and pacts with other nations.

Documents that can be attested by MOFA are-

  • 1. Educational Certificates- Degree certificate, matriculation certificate, intermediate marksheet, computer diploma, private diploma, technical diploma, etc.
  • 2. Personal Documents- Marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate, etc.
  • 3. Commercial Documents- Invoice, Registration, MOU, Partnership deed etc.
mofa attestation in dubai

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Amazon attestation businessmen Service center  is an certified attestation company approved by Ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We are the largest certificate attestation service provider in the world with more than one hundred offices across India and abroad. Established in 2017, we provide certificate attestation, authentication and verification services.

Amazon  offers the best and low cost MOFA document attestation services for anyone who wishes to travel abroad for higher studies or employment opportunities. You can submit the documents at any of our offices in India and abroad. We provide MOFA verification and attestation services for all countries, especially the Middle East..  In Addition to these responsibilities, The Ministry also handles verification and attestation of documents issued outside UAE and UAE issued documents to be used abroad.

“The Consular Services Department in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) provides Attestation Service for all types of documents (commercial documents/ Study Certificates/ and other documents) as a measure to ratify the validity of stamp and signature on documents issued within or out of the UAE.”

In case the UAE has no embassy in the concerned Country, documents are to be approved by the concerned Country’s Embassy in the UAE. If the concerned Country has no Embassy in the UAE, documents are to be notarized by the Country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited to the UAE.

To get your documents attested you can visit the Ministry yourself or delegate the work to a reliable and reputable company that will complete the attestations for you at a nominal price. Prompt Attestation Services is located near the diplomatic area close by to many embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which reinforces the timely service we promise.



Mofa attestation Dubai

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  •  To attain an Employment Visa/ Labor Card in the United Arab Emirates.
  •  To pursue higher education in the UAE or in a foreign country.
  •  To write Ministry of Health (MOH) and Department of Health (DOH) examinations.
  •  To acquire Residence visa.
  •  For taking admission in schools in UAE through transfer certificate.
  •  Power of Attorney.
  •  To acquire the right of selling property in the UAE.
  •  For the removal of LLC partnership, if the partner in other country does not wish to extend the partnership.

Asked Questions

1: How long does MOFA take to attest to the education degree?

A: Education documents can be attested by MOFA within working 24hrs but in case of emergency, UAE MOFA Attestation can be executed on the same day, if all the education certificates are provided.

2: Is MOFA required even if I have the UAE Embassy attestation done in my home country?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to get all the needed documents attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country. MOFA will then only authenticate and stamp the certificates.

3: Why is it necessary to attest documents in UAE?

A: Definitely. In order to get a study visa, residence visa or visa for business purposes, an individual has to attest and provide all the documents to enter the country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is necessary for documents such as marriage certificate, educational documents, birth/death certificates, etc.

4: Which documents are needed to get attested to a UAE job?

A: Marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate, etc are the documents needed to be attested by MOFA to attain an employment visa.

5: Can I enter UAE without attesting documents?

A: Yes, you can enter UAE without attesting documents, but only as a tourist. There is absolutely no attestation needed for any document for a tourist visa. But if you would want to work, study, or build a business in UAE, you need to attest your documents for a valid UAE visa.

6: Are original certificates attestation required to get UAE employment visa?

A: MOFA requires original certificates in order to allow you to enter the UAE. Duplicate or laminated documents are not required, so get your Original documents ready before applying for any type of visa.

7: How to sponsor your wife for a UAE visa? What documents are required?

A: An employee residing in UAE can sponsor his wife and children. He needs to have a minimum salary of Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 with accommodation.

Documents required for sponsoring husband/wife:

a: Online application/authorized typing office,
b: Copy of wife/husband passports,
c: Recent photos of wife/husband,
d: Medical clearance certificate,
e: Copy of the employment or company agreement,
f: Salary certificate from the company declaring the monthly salary,
g: Approved marriage certificate (needs to be attested by the UAE Government, if you are from UAE or in your home country),
h: Tenancy contract (attested), labor card, and Emirates ID card,
i: Recent utility bill.

8: How can I attest to medical documents in the UAE?

A: Medical Certificate Attestation is done from the country where it was issued. For using this certificate in UAE, you need to get it attested by your home country and UAE Embassy in the country to get it attested by MOFA UAE.

9: If the certificate is not attested in the home country, what should I do then?

A: The needed certificate should be attested by – UAE Embassy from where it was issued and MOFA. You can send the documents to your relatives or friends via courier and process the attestation.

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