Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation is mandatory to get the resident visa in UAE, If your child is born in UAE and any other countries. The birth certificate has to be authenticated with official stamp and sign of the issuing authority.

The birth certificate can be attested or apostilled as per your requirement and the issuing country regulations. Before you choose any attestation service provider you have to cleverly pick them, since the birth certificate is a very important document for any individual for the lifetime. amazon attestation services are very well-known for safe and secure attestation services.


To get your birth certificate attested in Dubai, you need to have these documents with you:

An original birth certificate

A copy of the passport of both parents


If you are wondering how to attest birth certificate in Dubai, you need to follow these steps:

Verify your documents from UAE Ministry or the Department of Foreign Affairs in your respective country

Verify your birth certificate from the local UAE Embassy

Send your documents for verification to the Dubai Courts Notary Public (DCNP)

Get your documents attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC)

Birth Certificate attestation for UAE

A second scenario would be if your child was born outside of the UAE and you want to sponsor your child in UAE. The birth certificate attestation for UAE is mandatory.

What to do?

Send us a copy of the birth certificate

What we do? Amazon attestation check validity and helps with how to proceed.

For most countries, a recent reissuing of the birth certificate is a MUST and have a current validity of 3 months, not older.

Since it is a personal document, the reissue must be performed by the parents.

A second option is if the parents provide us a POA giving us power to perform the retrieval, it should work as well depending on the country.

Once the birth certificate is retrieved from its country of origin, our service partner in the country of origin of the birth certificate will commence the birth certificate attestation for UAE. The certificate will be attested at the Foreign Affairs Office, Ministry of Justice and the UAE embassy.

Lastly the birth certificate is sent to us in UAE where we complete Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

Since the certificate is a personal document, the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs / Department of Naturalization and Residence Dubai (DNRD) will require a legal translation of the birth certificate to Arabic So Amazon attestation can  assist you with this.

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